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Andro - photo №1 Andro
Andro - photo №2 Andro афіша
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Having gained his first fame back in 15 years, Andro singer quickly grew into a charismatic pop artist with tours to dozens of cities.


Andro Kuznetsov was born in 2001 in a family of purebred gypsies. From parents, he was given a love to music, and nature gave vocal talent. The childhood spent in the camp in the circle of songs and celebrations determined the vocation of the young man.

Andro got into show business thanks to producer Yurii Bardash, who entrusted the guy with the chorus of the song "Santa Lucia" by Quest Pistols. The producer took on the promotion of Andro, signing on his Kruzheva Music label.

Having shot in 2016 with the first hit "Inoplanetyanin", Andro Kuznetsov formed his own recognizable style. The singer writes sincere lyrical ballads, packaged in modern pop sound with a unique gypsy flavor.


At the end of the summer of 2019, Andro presented the debut album Moon Flame on Raava Music. The release immediately burst into the iTunes charts in the first position, allowing the singer to go on a large-scale tour together with Jony and Elman.

Andro's romantic songs have long been recognized in their native Ukraine and opened the way for him to large venues.

Gradually approaching the status of a new superstar, Andrii Kuznetsov remains an honest guy both on stage and in life. Be convinced of it, having visited a concert of the singer. You can always find an upcoming events on the Concert.ua website, where you can also buy tickets with courier delivery or pay online.