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Dieter bohlen

About the artist


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Dieter Bohlen is a German pop singer, producer, creator and lead singer of Modern Talking and the Blue System.

Dieter Bohlen wrote many platinum hits and became one of the main artists of the wave of Eurodisc.

Dieter Bohlen's Golden Disco Hits

During his career, Dieter Bohlen has created dozens of musical projects - he wrote songs, was a member of several groups, worked with many artists (including Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman) and produced singer CCCatch.

But his most successful project is the mega-popular Modern Talking blowing in the 80s. Together with Thomas Anders, they recorded dozens of songs that topped the charts then and continue to sound at all 80 discos today.

After the collapse of Modern Talking, Dieter created the Blue System, whose success also rested on the new dance hits of his authorship.

The main hits of Modern Talking and Blue System:

  • You're My Heart, You're My Soul;
  • Brother Louie;
  • Magic Symphony
  • My Bed Is Too Big.

Where to buy a ticket for the concert of Dieter Bohlen

To get to the concert with the participation of the legendary Dieter Bohlen - follow the poster of your city on Concert.ua.

At live performances, the singer pays tribute to his best hits and invariably performs his favorite compositions. Perhaps this is the best disco-80 that you can imagine!




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