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Dmytro Romanov

About the artist


Dmytro Romanov - photo №1 Dmytro Romanov
Dmytro Romanov - photo №2 Dmytro Romanov афіша
Dmytro Romanov - photo №3 Dmytro Romanov квитки

Dmytro Romanov is a stand-up comedian from Odesa, Ukraine. He became known after participating in TV projects for beginner comedians, and now thousands of views on Youtube are gaining videos with his solo performances.

The ruthless self-irony of Dmytro Romanov

Romanov is called an intelligent stand-up comedian: he never jokes about religion or politics, does not use obscenities and does not abuse vulgarities. Instead, he jokes a lot about relationships, trains, money, and, of course, about himself - self-critically and honestly.

Romanov participated in many humorous television projects, but the impetus for great popularity was given by Stand Up on TNT. Now Dmitro works independently - performs with big solo concerts in Ukraine and Russia.

Where to buy tickets for stand-up Dmitro Romanov

Romanov’s solo standups are very popular in Ukraine. Organizers often announce additional dates, as tickets to the main event quickly sell out.

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