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Eljay - photo №1 Eljay
Eljay - photo №2 Eljay афіша
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Eljay is a popular hip-hop artist, an iconic representative of the Russian rap party and just a talented and ambitious artist who from the very beginning of his career claimed that he would create music better than others.

Eljay now has his own ZBV label, 4.3 million Instagram followers, dizzying YouTube views and huge popularity.

Exit from social networks to the big stage

Oleksiy Uzenyuk (the real name of the artist), as befits a modern guy, is taking the first steps to success with the involvement of social network resources. Unusual manner of performance, hoarse voice of the performer immediately falls to the taste of the demanding audience. Positive feedback and positive comments inspire the guy for further development.

Already in 2013, a joint album with rapper Mal Eldzhey "Gundezh" was released.

Exclusive style and hit "Rose wine"

A special stage begins in Oleksiy's career at the beginning of 2017, when fans receive a new outrageous image of the rapper and even more candid and expressive lyrics. And by the end of the year, Eljay was already charged with six studio albums.

Realizing that copying other people's images does not go far, the rapper gradually changes and adds new features to his own figure. Later, white lenses, abundant tattoos (there is a whole story), rings, metal bracelets and dreadlocks become integral elements of the stage environment of the artist. However, today Eljay no longer hides the true color of his eyes and white lenses are placed on the shelf. How long? - It is not known. But the next move to attract the attention of the public worked again!

Speaking of Eljay's creative rise, it is impossible not to mention the track "Pink Wine" shared with rapper Feduk. The song rose to the top of iTunes and Apple Music in a matter of days. And the video for the song has already been viewed on YouTube more than 300 million times.

Among Eljay's most famous hits:
  • "Rose Wine"
  • Ripped Jeans
  • Disconnect
  • Lollipop
  • Sayonara Baby and many more
Eljay recorded loud fits with Morgenstern, Tailor, Sorry Jesus, Vacio and others.

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