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About the artist


Garik Krichevsky - Ukrainian singer and songwriter in the style of Russian chanson.

A favorite of the public, Honored Artist of Ukraine and just the most popular chansonnier of the country! The title is supported by an impressive list of topical victories:

  • 2017 “Chanson of the Year” for the song “There is only you”;
  • 2016 “Chanson of the Year” - “Privokzalnaya”;
  • 2015 “Chanson of the Year” - “My number is 245”;
  • 2014 “Chanson of the Year” - “Test for Love”;
  • 2013 “Chanson of the Year” - “Tanya Can”;
  • 2008 “Chanson of the Year” - “She is so beautiful”;
  • 2002 “Chanson of the Year” - “Lviv Rain”.


It is unique that a huge number of compositions of the artist are well known even to those who are not at all interested in chanson. “Kiev resident”, “My number 245”, “Privokzalnaya”, “Autumn evening”, “Winter roses” and others - became real hits!

In his songs - life itself. There is a place of sadness and lyrics, strong male friendship and fragile love. Many characters and stories are not fictional, but absolutely real: memories from their own backyard, youth. A melody - simple and damn soulful!

Garik's musical creativity is enclosed in 10 full-fledged albums, which the fans literally disassembled into quotations.


The performances of Garik Krichevsky are favorite songs, communication with the audience in a relaxed, friendly format, and an incredible charge of good mood.

At concerts, the audience is distracted from the problems and nostalgic, smiling and dancing. And, of course, with great pleasure familiar songs sing along!

The musician performs not only in Ukraine, but also in America, the CIS countries and Europe. The touring schedule of the artist is painted for a long time ahead. In the near future - a big tour with an anniversary concert program!

Want to get on the show? Follow the bill of performances at Concert.ua and buy tickets. Better sooner than later.

Those who want to sing legendary songs with their favorite artist are much more than places in the hall.

See you at the concerts of Garik Krichevsky!