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Ghostemane - photo №1 Ghostemane
Ghostemane - photo №2 Ghostemane афіша
Ghostemane - photo №3 Ghostemane квитки
Ghostemane - photo №4 Ghostemane на concert.ua

Ghostemane is an American musician, rapper from California. Eric Whitney himself (real name of the artist) calls himself “Young Crowley” - a hint of a connection with the poet and occultist Alistair Crowley.


Depressive motives, heavy philosophical thoughts, the dark side of being? Oh sure. Total and more!

Dark stories are a rapper trick. In the lyrics Gostmayn refers to occultism, mysticism, and even Satanism. He describes various rituals and hints that he often talks to spirits. The theme of the tracks is understandable: negative moments and difficult life situations are inspiration for the rapper.

The Ghostemane music collection has many cool compilations, mixtapes, mini-albums and 7 full-fledged studio students:

  • 2018 N / O / I / S / E
  • 2017 Hexada
  • 2016 PLAGUES
  • 2016 Blackmage
  • 2016 Rituals
  • 2015 For the Aspiring Occultist
  • 2015 OOGABOOGA

In his work, Eric Whitney combines several rather aggressive, powerful styles at once: track metal, hip hop, doom metal, hardcore punk and noise. And the fan clip for the single “Mercury: Retrograde” from Hexada got 209 million views on YouTube!

From the music of Ghostemane goosebumps, and his energy on live is enough to recharge a small power station! Want to make sure? Tickets for Concert.ua. See you at the concert!


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