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Gorillaz - photo №1 Gorillaz
Gorillaz - photo №2 Gorillaz афіша
Gorillaz - photo №3 Gorillaz квитки

Gorillaz at the Yupark festival 2021 - tickets on sale at Concert.ua

Gorillaz will perform in Kiev in 2021 at the Yupark Music Festival. You can buy tickets at Concert.ua: https://concert.ua/uk/event/upark

This will be the second visit of the group to Ukraine, but from this he is no less expecting. Gorillaz have already performed at the Upark Festival with the coolest show, which everyone present there still remembers with great delight.

The first virtual hip-hop group Gorillaz

Gorillaz is the first hip-hop group in the history of music that exists on the verge of two worlds - real and virtual. Two true and four fictional contributors made the project successful and internationally famous. Throughout its history, the team has changed its logo six times, while always remaining recognizable and in demand.

Unique Gorillaz format and a well-deserved place in the Guinness Book of Records

1998 became a landmark year for all hip-hoppers, bringing down a completely new phenomenon on the heads of fans of the genre: the first ever virtual cartoon group Gorillaz. Musician Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett became the creators of the new project.

Gorillaz did not spend a lot of time on the swing and already in 2001 shied away with the now super popular single Clint Eastwood, which was included in the debut EP Tomorrow Comes Today. The hit entered the British Top 10. This was followed by a full-length Gorillaz album. Calling it successful is nothing to say. The disc made a splash in the world of music: the disc of a little-known group sold seven million! And the Guinness Book of Records recorded Gorillaz as the "Most Successful Virtual Project".

The 2005 Demon Days album won five Grammy nominations.

Unusual concerts and two line-ups of Gorillaz

The first performances of the group, whose creators did not open to the public for a long time, first took place behind a screen. Today, their concerts are grandiose shows using modern motion capture technologies.

Over its more than 20-year history, the project has received many awards in prestigious competitions, performed at dozens of major festivals, and recorded albums that became platinum in various countries. Gorillaz have been involved in successful creative collaborations (for example, the track Hollywood was recorded with Snoop Dogg).

Real participants:

  • Damon Albarn;
  • Jamie Hewlett.

Gorillaz virtual squad:

  • 2D;
  • Murdoch Niccals;
  • Russell Hobbs;
  • Noodle.

Where to buy tickets for Gorillaz concerts?

You can order tickets for the Gorillaz (Gorillaz) concert online at Concert.ua. It's better to hurry with the purchase - in order to be in time before the price increase or even a soldier.