About the artist

From nouns to thousands of concert halls!

HAMMALI & NAVAI is a popular rap duet of ethnic Azerbaijanis Alexander Aliyev, performing under the pseudonym HammAli and Naval Bakirova, known to the world as Navai.


In short, HammAli & Navai songs are cool love ballads with elements of deep and house, powerfully pumping dance floors.

“You are my chemistry”, “Together to fly”, “Let me go to the dance floor”, “Do you want me to come to you”, “Notes”, “Flower”, “Girl-war”, “Without you I’m not me”, “ Hide and Seek ”- many of these tracks instantly won the charts and became megahits.

Over 1.5 billion streams on music venues and hundreds of millions of YouTube video views — these guys showed what a truly successful start is!


Live HAMMALI & NAVAI - not just concerts, but large-scale music parties for all fans of rap music. Fiery energy envelops everyone, and the audience in the hall becomes one.

At their performances, Aliyev and Bakirov perform both hits loved by millions and fresh singles. Original, loud and very danceable! Warning: at HammAli & Navai concert shows it is simply impossible to stand still.

Choose the first fan zone if you want to be at the epicenter of events, as close to the artists as possible. I like creativity, but I don’t want to break in, but just hype with my friends to the famous tracks? Then a comfortable VIP fan or seats with boarding is what you need.

By the way, on November 29, the rap duo will perform in Kiev! The meeting place is STEREO PLAZA. It will be a powerful solo album, with your favorite tracks and the hottest audience. We recommend buying tickets, if not already. At all - definitely not enough.

See you at HammAli & Navai concerts!