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About the artist


Haru - photo №1 Haru
Haru - photo №2 Haru афіша
Haru - photo №3 Haru квитки

Haru is a confidently growing author and performer from Vladivostok with Korean roots. The singer himself calls himself a “multinational man”, and the army of the guy’s fans is growing exponentially.

Haru: charismatic messenger of k-pop in the CIS

Widespread fame came to an artist named Yuri Pak after participating in the talent show "Voice". The singer successfully performed in "blind" auditions and became a member of rapper Bast's team.

The solo career started in 2018. And immediately the fans received the album "She" as a gift. The premiere of the video for the song “Do not ruin the silence” from this disc in just a few hours gained more than 117 thousand views on the network. The role of the main character went to the charming dancer Keyko. The authors of the video comments agreed and unanimously predicted the singer a place in the Top of popular young artists and a victory in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination.

Clips over a million and the growing popularity of Haru

Fashion trends of the Korean scene, thanks to the creativity of the talented Haru, have penetrated the masses. The compositions performed by the guy are headed by streaming services.

Only a few days are required for the clips to overcome the mark of a million views. Among the most famous works:

  • “Do not ruin the silence”;
  • "Drive away the dawn."

Join the vibrant world of Haru, which has become a modern idol and has a special worldview.

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