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Hate speech

About the artist


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Creating an "evil" duo

heatspeech is a popular music project that works under the motto "evil words, good deeds". The group consists of Dmytro Odnorozhenko (Sumi) and Fima (Odesa). Dmytro writes lyrics and music, and also sings in a duet. Fima is responsible for guitar parts and sound. The creation of the band took place in April 2022 and became a bright creative response of musicians to the full-scale invasion of Russia.

Creativity that inspires action

The band members call their project genreless, although in fact their tracks have everything: hip-hop, rock, punk, electronic music and elements of other directions. Dmytro writes texts on acute social topics, and the performance style is characterized by strict aggressiveness. Among the most famous hits performed by Hate Speech are the tracks "block this song", "I will kill all the gods", "Song about a daisy", "ruzzky mir". Robots are successfully storming the highest echelons of music platforms, and clips are gaining a large number of views on YouTube.

Today, Heitspeech is actively making plans for the future, working out variations of their creativity. Musicians also write songs in English to actualize the problems of Ukraine not only in our society, but also for the whole world. The author and vocalist Dmytro is sure: every song should have a certain background, be created to achieve a specific goal.

heytspeech is currently holding many charity concerts, which raise funds for the support of Ukrainian defenders.