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HURTS - photo №1 HURTS
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HURTS is a well-known British pop duo that once invaded the music world. Wide geography of performances, sold-out concerts, high-profile records and prestigious awards, victorious performances at world festivals - all this the band has achieved in just 10 years of musical career.

Hurts: when talent, sincerity and youth take the most difficult peaks

Hurts once became a fresh breath for the music world, offering the listener new rhythms, beautiful melodies, romantic lyrics. The band's songs consistently occupy the first places in prestigious charts. The hit Stay became the soundtrack to several TV projects at once (in the USA, Ukraine, Germany and New Zealand). And the authoritative Star Magazine gave the song five stars out of five.

And it is very hard to believe that two charismatic guys who appeared on the music scene in a flash, a step towards success were… registered at the employment center. Everything was changed by the video for the song Wonderful Life, which cost the singers only 20 pounds. But after uploading to the network, the video went viral and began to collect millions of views.

The crazy success of the debut album Happiness and the creative return of Hurts with the album Faith

In terms of style, Hort's music belongs to the genre of electropop. Theo and Adam themselves define their work as noir'n'b and doom pop. The duo has five albums in its arsenal:

  • Happiness;
  • Exile;
  • Surrender;
  • Desire;
  • Faith.

The debut album immediately reached the 4th place of the national British hit parade. More than 25,000 discs were sold in the first week, and in 2010 it was an absolute record. The album received the status of "gold" and "platinum" in many countries.

Faith's new album was released on Lento Records and became for the duo a "return to the original sources" and a second breath for the band after a two-year creative break.

The British duo has already come to Ukraine with concerts more than a dozen times. Therefore, it has a huge army of supporters in our country.

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