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Iryna Fedyshyn

About the artist


Iryna Fedyshyn - photo №1 Iryna Fedyshyn
Iryna Fedyshyn - photo №2 Iryna Fedyshyn афіша

Iryna Fedyshyn is a singer and author of her own songs, a musical phenomenon of the domestic show business. The most touring artist of Ukraine: more than 1000 concerts!

Music of Iryna Fedyshyn

The songs “Dolonki”, “Parol”, “Tvoya”, “Chuzhi Ysta” and others have become real hits! Every story is special and very intimate. The artist herself calls her work only as a “gift from God.”

The compositions won top places in various music charts and radio broadcasts, and, of course, a tremendous love of fans.

In the creative arsenal of the artist - 6 albums, many successful clips, crazy sell-out not only throughout Ukraine, but also outside our country! Without a doubt: Iryna Fedyshyn is a talented and original artist, a favorite of the public, as well as a nominee and winner of Ukrainian music awards.

Megashow of Ukrainian artist

Iryna Fedyshyn's concerts are bright musical shows with large-scale decorations, theatrical performances, high-quality light and video shows, a super ticket and colorful costumes. The singer performs not only her favorite hits, but also pleases fans with new songs, skillfully combining modern musical style and Ukrainian motifs.

To get to the “live” concert is a memorable and significant event, a holiday for all who are interested in the work of the artist.

The concert schedule is painted long in advance. Want to get on the mega show in your city? Follow the billboard and do not miss the performance in your city! We recommend to buy tickets immediately, at the start of sales: fly instantly.

The sooner, the greater the choice of seats in the room and the more pleasant the price. By the way, a ticket to such a concert is a great gift for loved ones.

See you at the concerts of Iryna Fedyshyn!