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Yulia Yurina

About the artist


Yulia Yurina - photo №1 Yulia Yurina
Yulia Yurina - photo №2 Yulia Yurina афіша
Yulia Yurina is a Ukrainian artist and performer. He describes his music as "dark electro-folk", because he is not afraid to combine folklore motifs with modern sound and bold lyrics. She has a folklore education, which allows her to create her own unique interpretations of folk art professionally and with respect for traditions.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, together with the "Masterskaya" team, they have organized a volunteer movement to help Ukrainians.

In the bomb shelter, she wrote a new song "Stonesmiths", which she released on March 4. And later, in May, she released a powerful track addressing the enemy - "Black Cloud". In the summer of 2022, she released the single "Dovbany svit" and launched her own course on the study of Ukrainian folklore "Gvara".

In May 2023, she presented the live program "Gvara" on the stage of the Malya Opera, and is currently working on the release of her first solo album.

Ex-member of the band YUKO.




Charity Cultural Festival "Nravitsa!"

Kyiv, VDNH

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Faine Misto: Land of Future Legends

Lviv, !FESTrepublic territory

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