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Qarpa - photo №1 Qarpa
Qarpa - photo №2 Qarpa афіша
Qarpa - photo №3 Qarpa квитки
Qarpa is a powerful original phenomenon of the domestic music underground with charismatic and self-ironic front woman Irena Karpa at the helm.

Qarpa is a Ukrainian band that plays electronic thrash punk with a bias in indie and trip hop. Created in 2002 in Ivano-Frankivsk. Until 2007 it was called 'Faktychno Sami', until 2005 - Fuck! Submarine.

Qarpa band on the Ukrainian stage

Hooligan electronic punk with candid lyrics and informal sound, which the team has not betrayed for many years, do not give the band the green light to glamorous show business, but make them an iconic figure of the Ukrainian rock scene.

  • 1997: winner of the first prize in the genre of rock music of the festival 'Chervona Ruta' in Kharkiv
  • 1998: winners of the all-Ukrainian festival Future of Ukraine

Fans of industrial and psychedelic rock will like the band's work. Qarpa's music is so diverse that it seems as if they can't choose between extremes - from meditative lyric songs through metal arrangements to real thrash gestures. The band is constantly looking for new guitar moves, new sound and in general is constantly experimenting.

Band composition:
  • Irena KARPA - vocals
  • Oleg ARTIM - electric guitar, programming
  • Arthur DANIELYAN - bass guitar, programming
  • Evgenia SMOLYANINOVA - cello
  • Andriy KOHUT - drums
  • The Old Man's Game (1999)
  • B. P. P. (2001)
  • Space Vacuum (2001)
  • Whore Cum Back (2004)
  • Fucktično Sami (Best Of 1995—2004) (2004)
  • Lo-Fi TRavmi (2005)
  • IN FAT (2007)
  • And I Made The Man (2011)
  • Made in China (2015)
Qarpa differs significantly from modern musicians in its serious attitude to recordings - in their albums there are 14 original tracks, instead of three singles and five covers, as it has been established recently.

The band is equally well received at festivals and chamber concerts - a living and real leader charges the audience with her drive and stormy energy. The musicians release songs in Ukrainian and English. In the 2015 album Made in China, Irena Karpa released a fit from Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Keep Your Eyes.

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Follow the current poster Concert.ua! We recommend buying tickets in advance, sold out - here as here. The earlier, the greater the choice of seats in the hall and the nicer the price.

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