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Kvartal 95 Studio

About the artist


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Kvartal 95 Studio - photo №2 Kvartal 95 Studio афіша
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Kvartal 95 Studio is a famous Ukrainian company, the creator of many rating humorous projects. It arose on the basis of the KVN team of the same name.

Kvartal 95 Studio ARTISTS

All participants of the "Kvartal 95 Studio" started as students in the KVN team, and together decided to connect their lives with humor and show business: Olena Kravets, Yevhen Koshovyi, Oleksandr Pikalov, Mika Fatalov, Stepan Kazanin, Yurii Velykyi, Valerii Zhydkov, Volodymyr Martynets, Yurii Tkach..

Volodymyr Zelenskyi, becoming the current president of Ukraine, left the "Kvartal 95 Studio". But plans to return after the presidency.

The performances of the participants of the "Kvartal 95 Studio" collect full houses, and the actors' jokes become quotes. The most successful projects of the company:

  • "Evening Quarter";
  • "Make a comedian laugh!";
  • "#Goodnight Show";
  • "Women's Quarter".

The secret to such long-term success is easy and complicated at the same time: always up-to-date humor. Actors joke about everyday problems, about politics, about relationships. About everything that is important for viewers and participants right now.

Arriving at the concerts, people recognize themselves, their situations in the stories, and begin to laugh at the exaggerated significance of many problems and mistakes. And laughter is a wonderful cure for sadness and the best "psychologist."

Kvartal 95 Studio CONCERT POSITION

You can view the concert schedule of Kvartal 95 Studio concerts and select the best venues on the Concert.ua website. Electronic tickets are sent to the specified email. And if you want to buy tickets on beautiful letterheads as a gift or for yourself, order delivery by courier or take a walk to the nearest ticket office.

"Kvartal 95 Studio" shows are a great way to escape from everyday problems and have a good rest with the whole family. Do not miss the opportunity to get a charge of vivacity and positive. See you at the concerts of the funniest comedians of Ukraine!




Evening Quarter

Cherkasy, DK "Friendship of Peoples"

from 390.00 ₴



Evening Quarter

dneprodzerzhinsk, ДК Хімік

from 390.00 ₴



Evening Quarter

Bila Tserkva, Rosava Culture Palace

from 390.00 ₴