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Lenny Kravitz

About the artist


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Leonard Albert Kravitz is an American singer, composer, arranger and producer. The personality is outstanding, controversial and scandalous. This, however, does not prevent Lenny from being a legend of modern rock music and an example to follow for many beginning bands.

Lenny Kravitz – orchestra man. Often in his songs, Lenny Kravitz himself plays the parts of bass, guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion.

It’s easier for me to pick up an instrument myself than to explain to someone what sounds in my head. – Kravitz admitted in an interview.

The music by Lenny Kravitz was called not enough black and too white. But the first debut album Let Love Rule (1989) vividly demonstrated that it was such non-standard, live rock that American youth and the whole world had long been craving for.


Each album is an extraordinary event in rock music and a bold experiment. Most importantly, a successful experiment.

  • 1989 — Let Love Rule;
  • 1991 — Mama Said;
  • 1993 — Are You Gonna Go My Way;
  • 1995 — Circus;
  • 1998 — 5;
  • 2001 — Lenny;
  • 2004 — Baptism;
  • 2008 — It Is Time for a Love Revolution;
  • 2011 — Black and White America;
  • 2014 — Strut;
  • 2018 — Raise Vibration;

The Kravitz`s "retro" style is an extraordinary combination of elements of soul, funk, reggae, R&B and jazz. This is all seasoned with psychedelics, ballads and a little folk. A thunderous connection that everyone will like and will not leave anyone indifferent!


All that Leonard Kravitz takes is successful: music, cinema, fashion brands. A talented person is talented in everything. And to attend a show of a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist is certainly worth every music lover.

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