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Lil Pump

About the artist


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Lil Pump is a popular rapper and songwriter from Miami who exploded the Internet with Gucci Gang single: over 1 billion views on YouTube!

The sensational track took off on the 3rd place on the American The Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Provocative Hits by LIL PUMP

But this is not the only successful work by Gazzy Garcia: I Love It, Esskeetit, Drug Addicts, Butterfly Doors, Racks On Racks and many other tracks also hit the tops of the music charts. Calls for freedom and independence – made the musician an idol of youth!

Provocation in everything: from appearance to lyrics – it's all Lil Pump! And it seems that such a presentation is not only damn good for the fans of the wayward artist, but also gives a topic for conversation to the haters!


Two studio albums – Harverd Dropout (2019) and Lil Pump (2017), nominations for the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, collaboration with Kanye West, the song Welcome to the Party, which became the soundtrack for Deadpool 2, is all Lil Pump!

Is Lil Pump the latest fashion rapper or future star for several generations? Secretive and closed, sincere – everyone has their own impression of this artist.

A fact: every Gazzy Garcia's concert is a powerful wave of hip-hop, a mix of emotions and music, from which you forget about everything around!