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Lyapis 98

About the artist


Lyapis 98 - photo №1 Lyapis 98
Lyapis 98 - photo №2 Lyapis 98 афіша
Lyapis 98 - photo №3 Lyapis 98 квитки
Lyapis 98 - photo №4 Lyapis 98 на concert.ua

Lyapis Trubetskoy is a popular Belarusian punk rock band and in its original form is already a musical story, as the band with the old name ceased its activity in 2014.


But, the fans did not have to be sad for a long time: everything was just beginning!

Lyapis-98, the new Sergey Mikhalok`s band, came to replace it, at the concerts of which the coolest and most driving hits of the Lyapis Trubetskoy band are heard: “Ty kinula”, “Ogonki”, “Zelenoglazoye taksi”, “V platye belom”, “Zolotaya antilopa”, “Au”, “Evpatoriya”, “Yabloni”, “Ya veryu”, “Kotik”, “Metelitsa”, “Zoopark”, “Afrika”, “Kapital”, “Tantsuy”, “Khare”...

Each of these tracks is a legend, and the lyrics are known and sung by the public around the world. Music blockbusters not for one month or a couple of charts, but for all times – this is what distinguishes the original group Lyapis-98.


Full houses and sold-outs at the performances of Lyapis 98 are a pleasant tradition. Fans sweep tickets in a matter of days, and sometimes hours. The format is laid-back and friendly: on live the favorite hits and improvisations. Life and creative stories from the frontman of the band Sergey Mikhalok, as well as a powerful charge of energy and a firestorm of emotions for the year ahead.

Want to see the show of the Space Outsiders Lapis-98 Circus? See upcoming events of shows in your city! You can buy tickets in a convenient way: online, with delivery by courier or at the box office.

The main thing is to act quickly! Losing a ticket on the eve of the long-awaited event is like being late for a plane. Damn stupid and insulting!

“Znay, eto lyubov! S ney ryadom Amur, kryliami mashet!”. Want to sing iconic lines in the fan zone in unison with your favorite band?

Then see you at the Lyapis 98 shows!