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Ludovico einaudi

About the artist


Ludovico einaudi - photo №1 Ludovico einaudi
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Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian composer and pianist. He studied at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, as well as with the composer Luciano Berio.

Album "Elements" is the first in the last 20 years record of classical music, which got into the top 20 of the best British top chart.


The composer wrote music for many famous films:

  • 1+1;
  • This is England;
  • Stargate Universe;
  • trailer for the movie Black Swan;
  • I'm still here;
  • J. Edgar (directed by Clint Eastwood);
  • music of the television series Doctor Zhivago and Acquario.

And this is not a complete list! The Grolla d'oro award for Best Soundtrack, the release of several albums with works for piano and orchestra, collaboration with Adriano Celentano and collaboration with other eminent musicians – Ludovico Einaudi is rightfully considered one of the most talented masters of our time.

Education, charisma and meditation, relying on minimalism and pop music, creativity – everything is fine in it!

Concerts of the talented composer LUDOVICO EINAUDI

Ludovico Einaudi is not indifferent to the ecology of the planet: in 2016, in collaboration with Greenpeace, he drew public attention to preserving the Arctic with an amazing performance. On the piano, mounted on a platform and floating along a real glacier, the composer played "Elegy For The Arctic".

Hearing the works of your favorite composer live is a magical practice to relax and reboot. See the dates of upcoming performances in Ukraine and buy tickets on the Concert.ua website. See you!