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About the artist


MOON - photo №1 MOON
MOON - photo №2 MOON афіша
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LUNA - Ukrainian singer and songwriter, performing dreamy songs in the style of "soulful pop." The glossy VOGUE calls it “the face of the Ukrainian musical revolution”.


The original artist clearly has no problems with inspiration: 3 studio albums, EP and many stylish clips - this is confirmed!

The musical histories of the Moon are an emotional shot into the deepest streams of consciousness: “Buttercups”, “Boy, you are snow”, “Distances”, “Small bottle”, “Magi-ny”, “Sad dance”, “Bullets”, “ Free Love ”,“ Jukebox ”,“ Eclipse ”... Each of the compositions is the magic of electronic sound, teleport in the 90s and zero!

And her tracks are holistic and very personal stories, which reflect everything that the singer decided to share with her listeners.


The live show of the singer Kristina Gerasimova, known under the pseudonym Luna, is not just a concert, but a frank dialogue between the artist and the public. A phenomenal opportunity to dream together about the most intimate and let go of ridiculous and sad thoughts.

Here everything becomes light and airy ... And there comes a moment when everyone for a moment becomes a character of a reverent dream, in which everything is possible!

We recommend to come to the performance of your favorite singer and feel the same magical atmosphere. Surrender to nostalgia and find here your personal Island of Freedom - without daily commitments and circumstances.

Festivals, recitals, sold-out tours in Ukraine and outside our country, new songs and projects - now, the singer Luna is at the peak of her popularity. It is not surprising that her touring schedule is scheduled for a long time to come.

Want to go on a musical journey with the moon? Follow the billboard performances in your city! We recommend purchasing tickets at the start of sales - then there are more chances to catch the best places at a reasonable price.

And sold-out here is not a rare phenomenon, but rather a natural one.

See you at the magical concerts LUNA!