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Mac Demarco

About the artist


Mac Demarco - photo №1 Mac Demarco
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Mac DeMarco is a popular Canadian indie musician, author and dreamer, whose debut mini-album in 2012 immediately attracted the interest of such powerful resources as Pitchfork and AllMusic. Mack assembled the guitar he has been playing since he was 16 years old. And this is not the only "trick" in the image of a famous artist.

Mac DeMarco: "I love playing for people and I don't think what genre my music will be taken to"

In his 30s, DeMarco has dozens of atmospheric songs in his creative arsenal, forming eight albums:

  • Rock and Roll Night Club (mini-album, 2012);
  • Only You (single, 2012);
  • 2 (2012);
  • Salad Days (2014);
  • Another One (2015);
  • This Old Dog (2017);
  • Old Dog Demos (2018);
  • Here Comes The Cowboy (2019).

The author and performer calls music therapy, and does not even think about concluding his own work in a certain genre framework. The artist is recorded in his bedroom or in the yard. By the way, Maka's grandmother taught me to play the guitar.

DeMarco distinguishes a surprisingly simple image of a modest and unpretentious boy with an endless smile and a characteristic chip between his teeth. And he is allegedly interested in conspiracy theories and Freemasons. In general, he presents his work as an expression of himself. And the public perceives such material with great pleasure.

Home atmosphere of Mac DeMarco concerts

Today, Mack is performing in the 10,000-strong Hollywood Bowl and Alexandra Palace, and his 2019 album Here Comes The Cowboy is in the top ten on Billboard. Understandable to everyone, the simplest singer confidently turns into a world indie star.

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