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About the artist


Machete - photo №1 Machete
Machete - photo №2 Machete афіша
Machete - photo №3 Machete квитки
Machete - photo №4 Machete на concert.ua

Machete – Ukrainian rock band created by Yaroslav Malyi. Initially, the musician planned to perform songs in the new project that did not fit into the TOKYO band's repertoire.

Soon the label "Machete Records" was created, combining all the artist's projects.

Nezhnost is a track that brought success to the machete

The first video for the song "Nezhnost" starring actress Ravshana Kurkova just blew the Internet, today – almost 50 million views on YouTube!

This was followed by "Ne rasstavaytes", "Patsany", "Papa", "Mezhdu viskami", "Novyy geroy", "Lovi moment", "Krepche menya derzhi"... Strong compositions about love and relationships, bright thoughts and goals, and freedom – responded to the audience.

The MACHETE's upcoming shows

The Machete band had a creative pause of several years, but since 2018, the musicians are back in business! There are two great albums in their discography:

  • 2012 Machete
  • 2019 I'MPULS

Want to hear soulful songs live? See the upcoming events on the Concert.ua website and buy tickets in your city.

Machete music makes the world a better place and people – a happier.

See you at the concerts!