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Max Barskih

About the artist


Max Barskih - photo №1 Max Barskih
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From the modest scene of “Factory of Stars-2” to a full house in the Kyiv Sports Palace!

Max Barskih - Ukrainian singer and songwriter, one of the main hitmakers of the country. Winner of the "Best Ukrainian Performer" award according to the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010.

Max Barskih's blockbuster songs

Max Barskih’s arsenal has a huge number of tracks that have become real blockbusters: “SL”, “Agoniya”, “Sertse Bjotsa”, “Teryayu Tebya”, “Glaza-ubiytsy”, “Podruga-Noch”, “Po Freydu”, “Tumany”, “Sdelay gromche”, “Hochu tantsevat”, “Berega”... Each of the compositions is a personal story, which the artist shared in a certain life period.

Collaboration with the legendary Lara Fabian, the coolest work in collaboration with the master of his craft, video maker Alan Badoev, successful solo concerts on the most large-scale venues of the country... The love of a multi-million audience of fans from all over the world is attached.

Barsky is a nominee for top Ukrainian awards, twice winner of the M1 Music Awards in the “Singer of the Year” nomination (2015 and 2017), and his track “Tumany” is “Hit of the Year” by the M1 Music Awards 2017!

Powerful concert shows

Max Barskih's Lives are world-class quality shows. Ultramodern technologies, creative solutions on all fronts, favorite megahits and exclusively performed songs from the new album.

Bright, powerful and... damn want to dance and sing along! Nothing can convey the atmosphere of "live" performances of the artist, when everything happens here and now. It is worth to check out!

A tour of the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, the Baltic States and, of course, the native Ukraine! Concert schedule artist painted a long time ahead. Want to be part of Max Barskih mega-scale show and remember this evening of a lifetime? Follow the billboard in your city and buy tickets in advance. Sold out always comes suddenly.

See you at the concerts of Max Barskih!





Kyiv, Palace of sports

from 790.00 ₴



YUNA 2024


from 599.00 ₴



Max Barskih

Chernivtsi, Litnii teatr

from 720.00 ₴



Max Barskih

Lviv, !FESTrepublic territory

from 890.00 ₴