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About the artist


MARUV - photo №1 MARUV
MARUV - photo №2 MARUV афіша

MARUV is the shocking project of Anna Korsun, singer and songwriter, sound producer, winner of the National Selection of Eurovision-2019 in Ukraine.

The effect of the singer MARUV

Her singles “Focus On Me”, “For You”, “Black Water”, “Siren Song” and, of course, the super hit “Drunk Groove” promptly broke into the top charts of Ukraine and Europe! The video with a triumphant and mega-talked performance on the stage of the All-Ukrainian selection for Eurovision-2019 gained almost 2 million views on YouTube. And the video for the duet with BOOSIN “Drunk Groove” has almost reached the mark of 100 million!

The victories in top Ukrainian music awards were not long in coming! MARUV is the unconditional victor of YUNA 2019:

  • - “Discovery of the Year”, YUNA 2019;
  • - “The best electronic hit” (“Drunk Groove”), YUNA 2019;
  • - “The best song in a foreign language” (“Drunk Groove”), YUNA 2019;
  • - "The best duet" MARUV & BOOSIN - "Drunk Groove", YUNA 2019;
  • - Victory in the “Dance Parade” nomination for the track “Drunk Groove”, M1 Music Awards 2018.

Further more! For now the army of fans of the performer grows every minute. MARUV appreciates the love of the audience and is pleased to communicate with them in their social networks. This is where you can find out the latest news about the life and work of an eccentric singer.

MARUV’s Solo performances

The performances of MARUV are always bold and shocking shows that shook the Ukrainian scene so well, setting a new bar for the concert industry of our country. Fascinating, magical voice, trendy rhythms, vivid dance performances and, of course, provocative images! All this is the unsurpassed MARUV, which seems serious about becoming an icon of pop music.

By the way, the first big solo album singer will present already on June 14! And not just anywhere, but at one of the largest concert venues in Kyiv, Stereo Plaza. Do not you think: MARUV and the team are preparing a truly spectacular and powerful show. Need to be!

The musical career of an ambitious artist is rapidly developing. And who knows how easy it will be to buy a ticket to her concerts in a year? Be wise and buy now. In addition, the earlier - the lower the price.

The first batch of tickets for fans - always at the most pleasant prices. This is the law.

BANG! See you at concerts of MARUV!