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Matisse & Sadko

About the artist


Matisse & Sadko - photo 1 Matisse & Sadko - фото 1
Matisse & Sadko - photo 2 Matisse & Sadko - фото 2
Matisse & Sadko - photo 3 Matisse & Sadko - фото 3
World-class hitmakers! It doesn`t matter where they do perform - in Australia, Europe or USA - `cause the burst of energy on the dance floor and an unforgettable night remains whith everyone, who was lucky to be on theit set. There are even legends about amazing dj sets, wet t-shirts and destroyed shoes.

This duo of two brothers conquers the world with their own tracks and collaborations with Steve Angello, Martin Garrix and Tiesto! More than 150 millions listenings on Spotify and over 2,600 days at Beatport Top 100.
The brothers regularly perform at festivals and actively tour by the iconic clubs.