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Max Korzh

About the artist


Max Korzh - photo №1 Max Korzh
Max Korzh - photo №2 Max Korzh  афіша
Max Korzh - photo №3 Max Korzh  квитки
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From songs with a guitar with the closest to thousands of performances at the stadiums!

Max Korzh is a Belarusian singer and songwriter, a favorite of millions of fans, who skillfully turns his concerts into powerful parties.


The sensational track “The sky will help us” became for the artist a kind of pass to the musical get-together, and then it went away!

“Live in high”, “Where am I”, “In the dark”, “Moth”, “Become”, “Amsterdam”, “Home”, “Animal world”, “Small matured”, “Crimson sunset” and many other songs won the music charts and became the coolest hits!

The fans are attracted by the sincerity and drive of ardent, and, such patzansky tracks, in the texts of which - many will recognize themselves!


Each Max Korzh show is not just a concert, but a grand and mega atmospheric party. Breaking the voice of your favorite tracks and flying in a hot slam - dissolve in the crowd and forget about the bustling everyday life! There is only here and now!

All this musical insanity is supported by excellent sound, emotional self artist with a hall and original flash mobs from fans.

It is not surprising that having once been on a live - you definitely want to repeat! Of course, the tour schedule of Maxim Korzh is painted for a long time ahead.

Behind - performances in the USA and Europe, large-scale stadium tours and an impressive moneybox of soldier-outs on the best venues. Ahead - even more energy and new hits!

Of course, the Ukrainian public is not averse to breaking away under the explosive tracks, and the full house in the Kyiv Dynamo Stadium is proof of this.

Do you want to get to the concert movement in your city and come off to the fullest? Follow the billboard on Concert.ua and catch tickets!

The sooner - the more pleasant the price, for the most-most fans.

See you at the late Max Korzh concerts!