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MC Senechka

About the artist


MC Senechka - photo №1 MC Senechka
MC Senechka - photo №2 MC Senechka афіша
MC Senechka - photo №3 MC Senechka квитки

MC Senechka is the creative pseudonym of the kindest and most positive rapper from Samara.

GOOD HIP HOP by Mc Senechka

“Breykbit”. “Khedberger”. “1989”. “Spasti planetu”. “Subbota”. “Lou Layf” – the tracks of the young MCare radically different from the works of other Russian rappers. There is no anger or mat, problems or sadness in them - on the contrary, it is a world of unicorns and universal kindness.

A sunny vibe, cool flow, light, funny lyrics and an incredible summer mood – the musical world of MC Senechka is registered for anyone who feels a spleen or sneakily approaching bad mood.


Is it interesting to get on the live of a young author and rapper – Semyon Liseichev? Watch the poster of performances and buy tickets for a concert in your city!

And don’t drag out – soon getting into the front ranks will not be so easy. Recitals and invitations to various festivals – the original rap artist has a rather busy schedule.

Laughter, fun and relaxation are all hip-hop from MC Senechka!

See you at the shows!