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Monatik - photo №1 Monatik
Monatik - photo №2 Monatik афіша

MONATIK is a Ukrainian singer, the author of the most danceable and bright songs, a successful composer and sound producer, the winning trainer of the project "Voice. Children 4".

The creativity of the multi-artist Monatic

The hits occupy the first positions in the music charts! In addition to solo compositions, cool collaborations with Quest Pistols Show, Nadiya Dorofeeva and others went well.

The creativity, sincerity and originality of the multi-artist Monatik have been duly recognized not only by the public, but also by significant awards.

MONATIK - YUNA 2020 "Best Artist"! And:

  • "Best Album", YUNA 2020;
  • "Best song in another language" ("LOVE IT Rhythm"), YUNA 2020;
  • "Best Video Clip", YUNA 2020;
  • "Best Concert Show", YUNA 2020;
  • "Best Video Clip", YUNA 2019;
  • "Dance Video of the Year", ZARA Music Awards 2018;
  • "Best Concert Show", YUNA 2018;
  • "Best Video Clip", YUNA 2018;
  • "Best Performer", YUNA 2018;
  • Mentor-winner of the project "Voice. Children 4" 2017;
  • "The most stylish singer", ELLE AWARDS 2017;
  • "Best Video Clip", YUNA 2017;
  • "Best Album", YUNA 2017;
  • "Singer of the Year", M1 MUSIC AWARDS 2016;
  • "Breakthrough of the year", M1 MUSIC AWARDS 2015.

MONATIK's performances are always grandiose concerts and shows on a European scale! And bold directorial decisions, extraordinary concepts and dizzying productions are born from the pen of Dima's friend and master of his craft, director-producer Denys Stulnikov.

All this is a signature music and dance therapy to which everyone wants to dance! The result of the painstaking work of the MONATIK team of dreamers. A high-quality and powerful show that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Another feature of the magic of MONATIK is the age of the audience who enjoy attending concerts: from 0 to 99 years old.

The best MONATIK concerts

One can endlessly talk about the performances of Monatik - a producer and simply a musical genius. But there is only one right decision: to visit in person and feel every moment. Visit the multi-artist's solo concert - a must have for everyone who is in love with music!

On June 1, 2019, the incredible Stadium Show MONATIK Love It RHYTHM gathered the full NSC "Olimpiyskiy"! Tens of thousands of open hearts sang in unison and caught the rhythm. And after the show, everyone was left with the feeling: "I want more!"

In the same summer, MONATIK went on a concert tour of Ukrainian stadiums, and in 2020 announced a stadium concert in Dnipro with a new show - MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM SHOW. The full schedule of Monatik concerts is below on the page.

Please note: Monatika is SOLD OUT - a regularity, and the best places at the best prices fly away instantly.

Do you want to be a part of MONATIK's musical history? Then catching your ticket now is a damn good and wise decision.

See you at the MONATIK concerts!




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