About the artist



From a simple teen to a famous blogger!

MORGENSHTERN is a popular rapper and video blogger from Ufa, the author of the project # IziRep.


His music is all the haypowe genres of rap, skillfully mix up together. Each track is generously seasoned with irony and sarcasm!

The world has already seen several works: the mini album "Hate Me", as well as the albums "Before Became Famous" (2018) and "Smile, the Fool" (2019). Plates blew up the Internet and instantly got both fans, and Hayter. And the track "Zelenoki deffki!" From the last album got in the TOP-30 songs of the world ranking Genius.

Mega downloaded and popular YouTube channel with a variety of clips - also in the affair!

The first popularity of Alisher Morgenstern brought the show #IsieRep. Pharaoh, Face, KIZARU, LSP, Eljeh - this is an incomplete list of stars, to which parodies appeared in the author's video blogger project.

Rollers instantly flew into YouTube trends, still scoring tens of millions of views! And then - it got worse!

LIVE SHOW Russian Rapper Morgenstern

Loud, driven, hot in the slick and in the crowd of like-minded people! Live concerts are vibrant and mighty live, with a huge number of favorite tracks.

Come with a company of friends or one, in a good mood or not, with a ticket in the funk or in the hope of "catching" the ticket at the entrance. Whatever it was - at the end of the evening, the mood will be on all 100%, and the charge of energy is filled up six months ahead!

On the performances of MORGENSHTERN, everyone feels free in all respects: you can look as you like and do whatever you want.

Sing, dance, just loud loud or go to the bar for your favorite cocktail.

Are you a fan of the scandal and have already reviewed all releases on YouTube? It's time to visit a live concert! Keep track of the playbill and buy tickets for shows in your city!

The sooner the better! The artist's popularity grows with a crazy progression and will soon be released on the live stream will not be so easy. As if hinting ...

See you at the MORGENSHTERN concerts!