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Mummy Troll

About the artist


Mummy Troll - photo №1 Mummy Troll
Mummy Troll - photo №2 Mummy Troll афіша
Mummy Troll - photo №3 Mummy Troll квитки

Mumiy Troll is a Russian rock band from Vladivostok. In 1983, it was founded by Ilya Lagutenko, frontman and permanent leader of the team.

Mumiy Troll began a new stage in the history of rock music in Russia and had a huge impact on the culture as a whole. This was awarded the “MTV Legend” award they received in 2007.

“Rockapops” or the music of the group Mumiy Troll

The popularity of Mumiy Troll came with the release of his debut album “Marine” in 1997. “Leak” and “Do me for sure” were constantly playing on the radio, and the video for the song “Vladivostok 2000” was the first to be shown on Russian MTV.

Ilya Lagutenko called the style of the rockapops band to put an end to the debate about the genre of their music. Then she did not fit into any of the formats familiar to listeners.

The first and most significant albums of the Mumiy Troll group:

  • Marine (1997);
  • Caviar (1997);
  • Precisely Mercury Aloe (2000);
  • Memoirs (2002).

After more than 20 years, Mumiy Troll continues to record albums, shoot the most beautiful video works and perform - each time setting a new standard for the scale and entertainment of his shows.

Where to buy Mumiy Troll concert tickets

Mumiy Troll perform in Ukraine quite rarely. But each of their visits is full of halls and tickets pre-bought.

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