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About the artist


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Nastya Kamenskih - Ukrainian pop singer, host and actress, ex-member of the popular duet “Potap and Nastya”. Mentor-winner of the X-Factor TV show on STB, the founder of the Youtube blog and her own brand of sportswear NKsport.

Now she performs solo under the creative pseudonym NK.


Despite the great fame of the duet, in 2017, Kamensky began a solo career. And almost instantly - it received public recognition and several prestigious awards:

  • 2019 M1 Music Awards - victories in the categories “Singer of the Year” and “Chervona Ruta”;
  • 2019 “Best Pop Hit” according to YUNA;
  • 2018 M1 Music Award, 4 seasons - victories in the categories “Singer of the Year”, “Clip of the Year”, “Video of Winter” and “Singer of Spring”;
  • 2018 Cosmopolitan Awards - “Singer of the Year”.

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“#THIS MILES”, “Peligroso”, ”LOMALA“, Popa like Kim ”,“ Obitsyayu ”,“ Elefante ”- dance, hot tracks of NK in Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish drive fans crazy not only in Ukraine, but also in latin america!

“Peligroso” was featured on top-rated programs in Latin America and hit the top chart of the 25 best tropical songs in the world according to Billboard! As part of the promotional tour, the performer attended the 19th annual Latin Grammy Awards.

The singer herself does not hide her ambitious goal: to be not a guest of a musical event, but the owner of a treasured figurine.

See you at NK concerts!