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Of monsters and men

About the artist


Of monsters and men - photo №1 Of monsters and men
Of monsters and men - photo №2 Of monsters and men афіша
Of monsters and men - photo №3 Of monsters and men квитки

Of Monsters and Men - Icelandic indie folk band.


  • Nanna Brindis - vocalist;
  • Ragnar Tourhadlsson - vocalist and guitarist;
  • Brignard Leifsson is a guitar player.


Some significant events of Of Monsters and Men:

  • debut and victory at the Musiktilraunir music competition;
  • performance at the Iceland Airwaves fest and recording of the first hit “Little Talks”;
  • the debut album “My Head Is an Animal” was released. The magic vocals combined with the cool arrangements were appreciated by both critics and listeners!
  • popularity not only at home, but in the USA: signing a contract with the Universal Music Group label!

And then it started! Recording new indie & folk tracks, studio exits and even creating a soundtrack for the film: the song “Dirty Paws” in the list of soundtracks for the film “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller in the title role.

In 2019, Of Monsters and Men returned after a 3-year creative break. The musicians themselves claim that it is their new disc “FEVER DREAM” that reflects the essence of the group - cool pop music that can rock stadiums!

Of Monsters and Men is a multi-instrumentalist team with beautiful and so distant Iceland. Beautiful vocals, magical music and a teleport to this world are just ... A ticket for the next concert! See you later!