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OFENBACH - photo №2 OFENBACH афіша
OFENBACH - photo №3 OFENBACH квитки
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OFENBACH is an electronic duo from France, the authors of the most sensational hit “Be Mine”, which received a diamond certification.


The music Ofenbach is light and pleasant, filled with carefree happiness and party spirit. The tracks have a truly magical power to cheer up and just be a musical background during the day, without getting bored.

DJs Dorian Law and Cesar Laurent de Rummel know exactly how to hook the audience. Their work speaks for them:

  • collaboration with electronic music monsters Tiesto and Robin Schulz;
  • getting into the hit parade of Billboard Dance and the diamond certification of the track “Be Mine” (more than 750 thousand copies of the single were sold);
  • mega-successful remix of the song “Katchi” by Nick Waterhouse - more than 140 views on YouTube;
  • speech at the Opening of the UEFA Europa League Final 2018 - more than 60 million viewers from around the world!


The performances of OFENBACH are a holiday for everyone who appreciates quality music. Atmospheric deep house in a package of the coolest dance motifs beats right in the heart!

Decided to forget about the problems, to meet with friends and remember the best moments in your life, sipping your favorite cocktail? Choose for the atmosphere the magical tracks of talented French! And dance, of course. If necessary - you can even mourn melancholy. Just not long, ok?

Once these guys were inspired by the tracks Daft Punk and Stardust. Now they themselves inspire millions of fans and young performers across the globe.

Large-scale festivals and club parties - the duo's touring schedule is scheduled for a long time to come!

Want to get on live? To do this - buy tickets for the performance of French geniuses in your city. And then - just enjoy.

Be Mine! See you on OFENBACH DJ sets!


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