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Og buda

About the artist


Og buda - photo №1 Og buda
Og buda - photo №2 Og buda афіша
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OG Buda is a popular author and rap artist from Tyumen. The guy is called the most daring trap artist of the modern Russian rap scene, and the biting metaphors from the songs become winged.

Original Gangsta Buda or how “dude from the streets” Ou Ji Buda became his on the board

Grigory Lyakhov (aka OG Buda) from a young age realized: just fun to read - this is not enough. Need swag, author's unique style. And the guy gave his listener what the boy’s soul craves: the lively straightforwardness of the lyrics, the gangster vibe and the atmosphere of fraternal unity.

The first success overtook the guy in 2017 after the debut single 1000 Freestyle, recorded with MATX. A year later, Gregory uploaded his "8:40" and Lil Hoe to the network.

The first solo album of the hero of the new wave OG Buda

In 2019, a loud release of the debut album "OPG City" took place, plenty of fans satiated with themes of eternal struggle and crime. The hooligan charisma of the artist and tenacious texts joined the ranks of OJ fans. Not every famous singer can boast of such an upsurge.

The rapper’s piggy bank contains cool feats with Feduk, Lil Melon, Seemee, as well as the joint album “Sweet Dreams” with Platinum.

Among the interesting works of the artist tracks:

  • "Going crazy";
  • “Good acoustics”;
  • "Bandits";
  • Holy
  • Brat and others.

Where to buy OG Buda concert tickets

You can order tickets online at Concert.ua. Have questions - write: we will answer, we will advise. And remember: without music - not a day!