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Oleg Vynnyk

About the artist


Oleg Vynnyk - photo №1 Oleg Vynnyk
Oleg Vynnyk - photo №2 Oleg Vynnyk афіша
Oleg Vynnyk - photo №3 Oleg Vynnyk квитки
Oleg Vynnyk - photo №4 Oleg Vynnyk на concert.ua

Oleg Vynnyk is a popular Ukrainian singer and just a favorite of women who gathers stadiums throughout Ukraine. Author and composer, actor and TV presenter, judge of the X-factor project on STB.

On the day of this artist’s performance, the city’s flower shops are emptying at cosmic speed!

Vinnik gained his first popularity in Germany, Switzerland, Austria as a leading actor in musicals under the stage name OLEGG. Despite the dizzying success, in 2011, the artist returns to Ukraine and concentrates on writing songs for his repertoire.


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Do not hesitate for a long time: SOLD OUT at the concerts of Oleg Vynnyk is a familiar thing.

Oleg Vynnyk's AWARDS

Oleg Vynnyk is a nominee and holder of a record number of Ukrainian awards:

  • 2019 – YUNA, People's Choice of Readers of the magazine "Otdokhni";
  • 2019 – Zolota Zhar-ptytsa "People's Hit".
  • 2018 – New Year's music platform, "Best Song of the Year" ("Yak zhyty bez tebe");
  • 2018 – M1 Music Awards. 4 seasons, "Singer of the Year" and "Proyekt oseni" (duet with Potap);
  • 2018 – Golden Firebird, "Singer of the Year" and "Popular Hit";
  • 2018 – M1 Music Awards. 4 seasons, "Singer of Winter";
  • 2018 – Viva! The most beautiful, "The most beautiful man";
  • 2014 – Channel "Inter", "Song of the Year" for the track "Schastye"; 2007 – Certificate from the Mayor and Audience Award for the role of Jean Valjean in the musical "Les Miserables", Germany.

And this is not a complete list of victories! Due to the fact that the artist began his career in Europe – many people think that Oleg Vynnyk is a foreigner by nationality. But everything is simple: he is ours, a Ukrainian.


"Nino", "Naykraschiy den", "Vovchitsya", "Natalia-Natalie", "Chastye", "Ty znaesh", "Ya ne ustanu", "Roksolana" – the collection of artist’s hits is replenished with each new album. Songs are instantly remembered by listeners and recognizable from thousands of others.

Oleg Vynnyk’s live shows are vivid shows, musical performances, with professional dance ballet, high-quality light and sound solutions.

Full houses at stadiums, participating as a headliner at Atlas Weekend, creating soundtracks for films, collaborations with the best Ukrainian artists and broadcasts on top television channels – today this is a first-tier artist. See you at the concerts of Oleg Vynnyk!