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Andrey Chernyy Orchestra

About the artist


Andrey Chernyy Orchestra - photo №1 Andrey Chernyy Orchestra
Andrey Chernyy Orchestra - photo №2 Andrey Chernyy Orchestra афіша
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Ukrainian conductor Andrey Chernyy does not adapt to the foundations of classical music. He changes them for himself, creating non-standard projects in a rather conservative musical genre.

Creation of the famous Andrey Chernyy Orchestra

The dream of becoming a musician came to Andrey Chernyy at the age of six. Hearing the recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach, he decided to learn how to play the organ. Together with him, he mastered the button accordion, and also received diplomas of the conductor and composer.

Rock music and a desire to have their own orchestra remained a separate passion of the musician. So in 2007, the Andrey Chernyy Orchestra was born, which announced itself with the program “Voice of symphonic rock”, where classical instruments were combined with fateful ones.

Conductor Andrey Chernyy and the Game of Thrones project

Andrey Chernyy and his orchestra became famous for performing soundtracks of films and series. Among them, the Game of Thrones stands out. Epic compositions in the processing of musicians by Andrey Chernyy create unique impressions.

The main thing in the concerts of the Andrey Chernyy Orchestra is that they will not leave anyone indifferent! The skill of the musicians and the professionalism of the conductor are captured from the first notes, and large-scale performances will remain in the memory of the audience for a long time. Discover the new side of classical music at the concerts of Andrey Chernyy.

You can find the upcoming events of the performances of the famous orchestra on the website Concert.ua.