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Palaye royale

About the artist


Palaye royale - photo №1 Palaye royale
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Palaye Royale is a popular American rock band with Canadian roots, founded by three fellow musicians. The band’s creativity is distinguished by the idea of devotion to family values. The team was nominated for music awards in the categories “Breakthrough of the Year”, “Best Underground Band”.

Palaye Royale - Modern Fashion Art Gurus

The group appeared in 2008 under the name Kropp Circle. But already in 2011 the band changed its name and signed a contract with the production center. Palaye Royale - the name of the dance hall, where the grandfather and grandmother of the musicians met.

The phased promotion of the team begins. Notable success comes in 2015 with the release of the first studio album Boom Boom Room (Side A). The famous single Get Higher chart Billboard Modern Rock took the 27th line.

Every year more and more people learn about the group and getting the best tickets for Palaye Royale concerts becomes more and more difficult. Millionth views on the web are gaining band clips:

  • Morning Light has already collected over 21.5 million views;
  • Mr Doctor Man has reached the 9 million viewer bar.

Powerful live energy Palae Royal

Each concert of the group is a revolving energy, waves of drive and company aggression. The music of the team combines rock and roll, fashion art rock, glam rock, indie rock, grunge rock. Do not miss your chance to get the hang of it at the upcoming Palaye Royale show!

Current staff:

  • Remington Leith (vocals);
  • Sebastian Danzig (guitar);
  • Emerson Barrett (drums);
  • Daniel Curcio (bass);
  • Andrew Martin (guitar).

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