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About the artist


ROZHDEN - photo №2 ROZHDEN афіша
ROZHDEN - photo №3 ROZHDEN квитки

Rozhden is a popular singer and songwriter with a unique timbre and boundless charisma. He is said to be "born for glory." Today, the young singer is predicted to have a place among the top stars of the domestic pop scene.

Rozhden: always sincere and easy-going

Rozhden's birth to Anusa as an artist took place under the influence of powerful figures of the creative world - Diana Arbenina, Tom Elmhirst, Alan Badoev and others. So in addition to the seductive appearance and unique vocals, the singer gained invaluable experience.
It should also be noted that Greek, Italian and Ossetian blood flows in Rozhden's veins - an explosive mixture that created an incredible artist, charming and sensual.


Singer Rozhden is one of 15 performers who had the opportunity to learn from Tom Elmhirst, a famous producer and sound director, owner of several Grammy statuettes. Rozhden released his first album called PRAVDA in 2014. The single "You Know" quickly gained the first position in iTunes. And in 2017 the release of the second album R2 with the duet track "Neither you nor I", recorded with L'One. In the same year, the young singer reached the final of the National selection for "Eurovision" with the song Saturn. Combining rhythm and blues with electronic sound, Rozhden enchants from the first notes.


In each new work, Rozhden demonstrates creative progress. Since the release of the debut album, the musical component of the songs has evolved significantly: from lyrical guitar to dashing beats, from pure pop to a balanced balance of hip-hop and electronics. Rozhden feels harmonious on the waves of funk and soul. And he already has an army of thousands of fans who recognize another talent of the idol - the talent of the actor. After all, every image in Rozhden's videos strikes with drama and emotional colors.

Among the listeners' favorite songs:
  • Znaesh
  • Pravda
  • Saturn
  • Ni ty ni ya
  • Pustiak
  • Otdayom and others

Where to buy tickets for the concert Rozhden?

You can dream and get a little sad for your favorite Rozhden songs at the next concert of the artist in your city. See the poster and buy tickets on the Concert.ua website!
Every Rozhden performance is an unforgettable experience and powerful emotions. The charismatic singer gives the audience not only his sensual songs, but also moments of pleasant friendly communication.


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