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Scorpions - photo №1 Scorpions
Scorpions - photo №2 Scorpions афіша
Scorpions - photo №3 Scorpions квитки
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If you think about someone really legendary in the music world, you immediately remember the German band Scorpions!


Historical and always relevant, imperishable and immortal, powerful and driving – all this is about Scorpions hits!

Masterpieces beyond time and age will forever remain in the musical biography of the Universe: “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Still Loving You”, “Send Me an Angel”, “Wind Of Change”, “Maybe I Maybe You”, “Lonely Nights” , “Humanity”, “The Future Never Dies” and many others... Each of the songs burst right into the heart and is familiar to fans from all over the world.

19 albums and only large-scale platforms for live – the authority and power of the Scorpions band is not discussed. They are a legend!


Scorpions shows are monumental and damn nostalgic events. In addition, each performance may be the last: we all know how much musicians like to give a farewell tour every year.

Want to be a part of the history and go to a rock monster show? Hurry up!

See the upcoming events on the Concert.ua website and buy tickets at the start of sales: online, delivered by courier or pick up at the box office. The sooner – the greater the choice of places and the nicer the cost.

The most popular rock band in Germany and one of the most famous in the world, more than 100 million copies sold and 46th place on the list of “Greatest Hard Rock Artists” according to the music channel VH1! You can list all the victories and regalia of Scorpions for a long time, but it is better to see and hear them live.

See you at the shows of rock legends - Scorpions!


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