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SLIPKNOT at the Yupark festival 2021 - tickets on sale at Concert.ua

On July 18, 2021, the cult group will perform in Kiev as part of the Upark Festival.

You can buy tickets for Slipknot in Kiev at Concert.ua : https://concert.ua/event/upark

This will be the first live team in Ukraine, which Ukrainian fans are incredibly happy about. Slipknot is undoubtedly one of the most unexpected and large-scale announcements of the Yupark festival in its entire history.

Slipknot is an iconic American metal band recognized as one of the most successful in history.

The band's musical career is characterized by a figure of 30 million - the number of copies of Slipnot's albums sold. The main feature of the team is performances in creepy masks and overalls, which are specially created from scratch before the release of each new album.

Slipknot: from the first humble demo to the stadium concerts

Sean Craien and Anders Kolsefni decided to form their own band in 1992. Gradually replenishing the band with new members and choosing the name Slipknot ("loop", "stranglehold"), the musicians came to the first demo-album Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat (1996). Barely hitting 1,000 copies sold, the band concludes: a producer is needed. It becomes Ross Robinson, who reveals the obvious potential in the creativity of the young team.

Since then, the composition of the group has changed. In 2010, the shocking news of the death of Paul Gray arrives. In 2015, the musicians take a hiatus, but reassert themselves with a resounding comeback a few years later.

Slipknot members today:

  • Sid Wilson (DJ);
  • James Root (lead guitar);
  • Craig Jones (keyboards);
  • Sean Craien (percussion, backing vocals);
  • Mick Thomson (rhythm guitar);
  • Corey Taylor (vocals);
  • Alessandro Venturella (bass guitar);
  • Jane Weinberg (drums).

Every Slipnot live is a professional show, frightening and impressive

Today the hits Vermilion, Duality, Before I Forget are recognized classics of world metal. The track Before I Forget brought Slipnot the Grammy for Best Performance in the genre.

In 2008, the album All Hope Is Gone was released. The tour in support of the album becomes the longest in the history of the group.

The 2019 album We Are Not Your Kind is gaining universal acclaim from music critics. The disc is called one of the best in Slipnot's career. The band even gets a new disc in the Best Album In The World nomination from the NME Awards. And Slipknot is the winner of the British NME Awards 2020 in the Best Band In The World nomination.

The American team today is the owner of platinum albums, millions of views on the network and thousands of sod-outs around the world. Each performance of the group is a large-scale show of a transcendent level with crazy energy and explosive emotions.

Where to buy tickets for Slipknot concerts?

Tickets for Slipknot concerts are always available at Concert.ua. Electronic tickets can be ordered online. And tickets on letterhead - pick up at the nearest ticket office.