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There are artists who create space just on stage! Welcome to Starset, an Ohio-based American musician who plays cinematic rock with a variety of tracks.

The band was founded by vocalist of the band "Downplay" Dustin Bates in 2013.


The topic of space and technology was not chosen by the band by chance: Bates is interested in astronomy and even taught at the International Space University. The goal of the band is to popularize science through its songs. And it seems they do it!

Concerts by Starset is a powerful charge of energy from which rockets fly into space, and new stars light up in the night sky! Not only unusual music is delighting, but also everything around: cool special effects and powerful sound, light tricks and bright, cosmic images of performers.

WHERE TO buy tickets for the STARSET showS

Ready to embark on a futuristic journey? Then look for tickets to the first class of the Starset spaceship! "My Demons", "Monster", "Ricochet", "Die For You", "Manifest", "It Has Begun", "Starlight" – the live favorite singles and compositions from the band’s studio albums, acoustic and cover versions of songs that make goosebumps.

You can buy tickets for the show on the Concert.ua website – online or by courier delivery. And then - emotions, drive and thousands of lights! Welcome on board!

See you in endless space at Starset concerts!