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Tabula Rasa

About the artist


Tabula Rasa - photo №1 Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa - photo №2 Tabula Rasa афіша

Tabula Rasa is a Ukrainian Russian-speaking rock band that became famous back in the 90s.

Tabula Rasa was one of the first bands in Ukraine, who began to shoot videos for his songs and actively toured the country.

Ukrainian rock and roll Tabula Rasa

On the account of the Tabula Ras group, the title of the best collective of Ukraine (Tavria Games, 1997), participation in major music festivals, awards and first lines in the music charts of the 90s and the beginning of zero.

In total, the team released 9 studio albums, and the most memorable compositions were “The Machine”, “Sheik Sheikh Sheikh”, “Road”, “Rendezvous on Betelgeuse”.

Chamber concerts Tabula Rasa

Today Tabula Rasa does not gather thousands of halls - and do not want this. The group plays small chamber concerts for its fans, those for whom their music has become important a long time ago.

“More than warm, give warmth to 10 people;

In 2019, the group turned 30 years old - on this occasion they gave a big recital in Kiev, at the Caribbean Club.

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