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The Exploited

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The Exploited - photo №1 The Exploited
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The Exploited is a popular Scottish band generated by the second wave of British punk rock. They staged provocations in Argentina, survived bans in Holland, dispersal with tear gas in Germany and arrests in Spain. The Exploited survived.

And by the way, the famous motto of the world punk community Punks not Dead is the name of the debut album of all the same rebellious Scots.

The Exploited 40 years tearing world scenes in the trash

Hardcore punk band The Exploited was founded in 1979. And already managed to triumphantly celebrate its 40th anniversary. Neither rotation of the participants, nor persecution of the authorities could interfere. Anarchist aesthetics have stood the test of time and made the group's work direct and uncompromising. The first Army Life and Dogs of War punk anthems are still heard on The Exploited's bursting live songs, driving the audience to frenzy.

Nonprofit Music The Exploited

Once and for all abandoning the commercially oriented work, the group confidently occupied its niche in the music world. The sound quality is growing every year, widening the gap between the sloppy punk of the 80s and modern The Exploited.

The frontman Wattie Buchan remains a permanent participant, having survived thousands of moments of delight on the stage and even a heart attack and planning to record a new album.

Group members today:

  • Wattie Buchan (Wattie Buchan), vocals;
  • Matthew McGuire (guitar);
  • Irish Rob (bass);
  • Willie Buchan (Willie Buchan), drums.

Live The Exploited can not be described in words, they need to survive.

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