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Valery Meladze - photo #1 Valery Meladze
Valery Meladze - photo #2 Valery Meladze афіша
Valery Meladze - photo #3 Valery Meladze квитки

Valery Meladze - Russian pop singer, composer, producer and actor, trainer of the Golos.Dity TV-show, winner of many prestigious music awards.

Valery Meladze MUSICAL HITS

“Самба белого мотылька”, “Сэра”, “Текила-Любовь”, “Се Ля Ви” “Салют, Вера”, “Иностранец”, “Параллельные”, “Небеса” - the artist has counted so many megahits that one can not list one day.

The compositions occupying the first lines of the top charts are collected in dozens of studio albums and stylish video clips. Each work is a frank story about human relationships that resonates in the hearts of fans.

Singer Valery Meladze is impeccable in everything:

  • beautiful, powerful and recognizable vocals from the first seconds;
  • soulful lyrics and melodies of songs written by his older brother Konstantin;
  • always perfect appearance, which is part of the image of the artist.

All this captivates listeners from all over the world. Fantastic, popular love and full halls at absolutely all recitals - today the Meladze brothers are not just talented musicians, but a real brand and a sign of quality.


You can listen to the music of Valery Meladze and feel the legendary charisma of your favorite artist at the next concert! See the poster and buy tickets for a performance in your city. Do not hesitate for a long time: despite the fact that Valery quite often performs with great pleasure in Ukraine, the best seats in the halls fly away instantly.

Like any public person, much is said about Valery Meladze. But, if you close your eyes and ignore all the news, the obvious remains: a great performer who devoted himself entirely to music, the stage and the audience. An artist to get to the show which everyone is worth.

See you at the concerts of Meladze!