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Vremya i Steklo

About the artist


Vremya i Steklo - photo №1 Vremya i Steklo
Vremya i Steklo - photo №2 Vremya i Steklo афіша

Vremya i Steklo are Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive, a Ukrainian musical project and just a mega popular pop group with their own, unique style.

Vremya i Steklo’s hits

Their songs with ease and excitement burst into the airs of top radio stations already in the first days of releases. “Pesnya 404”, “NavernoPotomyShto”, “Na Stile”, “Troll” - each becomes a hit! And bold and extraordinary clips with huge speed gain views on YouTube. Many of them have already crossed the mark of 140 million views!

It is not surprising that the main hitmakers and music trendsetters of the country annually win various awards:

  • - “Best Pop Group”, M1 Music Awards 2018;
  • - “The best pop group”, YUNA 2018;
  • - “The best number at the ceremony”, M1 Music Awards 2017;
  • - “Best Band”, M1 Music Awards 2017;
  • - “Best Pop Group”, YUNA 2017;
  • - "Major League" for the song "NavernoPotomyShto" 2016;
  • - “Best Band”, M1 Music Awards 2016;
  • - “The Best Pop Group” and “The Best Media Artists”, YUNA 2016;
  • - “Hit of the Year” for the song “Imya 505”, M1 Music Awards 2015;
  • - “Song of the Year” for the song “Vozmi” 2014;
  • - “Golden Gramophone” for the song “Serebryannoe More” 2011.

Concerts of Nadia Dorofeeva and Aleksey Zavgorodniy are always on style!

Concerts of Vremya i Steklo are always a bright and stylish, they exciting the audience from the first minute. Everyone present in the hall is fully immersed in the atmosphere and becomes part of a grand performance.

Presentations of new songs, favorite hits, improvisation workshops, the coolest dance performances and, of course, stylish images of Nadia and Positive! Each concert is like a small life, during which there is nothing else but the stage and favorite musical rhythms.

Artists appreciate the attention of multimillion-dollar audience and even during the performances with pleasure communicate with fans! Genuine love for his audience is one of the reasons why the tour schedule of Nadia and Positive is painted long in advance.

By the way, on October 5, 2019, the group arranges a loud musical get-together for 10,000 people at the Kyiv Sports Palace! And it will be VISLOVO - a streetstyle party for the friends of the new album. Join if not yet.

Sold out to the group Vremya i Steklo is a familiar and inevitable phenomenon. So, following the announcements and buying tickets in advance is not a whim, but a necessity.

The first tickets at the most pleasant prices - for the most-most fans! This rule is unconditional and always in effect.

And we are on style! See you at the concerts of Vremya i Steklo!