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For more than 15 years BINGO Entertainment has been meeting guests with diverse musical events. The Concert Club is located near the metro station Akademgorodok, on Victory Avenue 112.

A big stage, a huge dance floor, your own technical base with powerful sound and lighting equipment - you were not mistaken: everything is here to make the evening a success. Also the club has banquet and billiard halls, a strip-bar and a lounge-cafe. In "Bingo" emotions soar to the maximum, and around the rave and a little crazy.

Rappers, metal players, punks and rockers. Large-scale concerts, festivals, discos and explosive parties - there is no modest, just cool and oh-very, very loud. Clearly not a place for admirers of peace and quiet. It is clearly an ideal place for fans of unforgettable parties.

See the poster of the nearest events and buy tickets. Everything as always - the earlier, the cheaper.

Kyiv, Pobedy Avenue, 112, m. "Svyatoshin".

Closest events

Unnv 07 September 19:00, Sat Unnv Kyiv, Bingo from 11.67 EUR Unnv Don't wish 07 September Unnv Bingo Buy Rotting christ 14 September 19:00, Sat Rotting christ Kyiv, Bingo from 21.67 EUR Rotting christ Don't wish 14 September Rotting christ Bingo Buy PYROKINESIS x STED.D 04 October 20:00, Fri PYROKINESIS x STED.D Kyiv, Bingo from 13.3 EUR PYROKINESIS x STED.D Don't wish 04 October PYROKINESIS x STED.D Bingo Buy DICI MUSIC 05 October 17:00, Sat DICI MUSIC Kyiv, Bingo from 10 EUR DICI MUSIC Don't wish 05 October DICI MUSIC Bingo Buy Septicflesh 09 October 19:00, Wed Septicflesh Kyiv, Bingo from 21.67 EUR Septicflesh Don't wish 09 October Septicflesh Bingo Buy Pod 24 October 19:00, Thu Pod Kyiv, Bingo from 23.33 EUR Pod Don't wish 24 October Pod Bingo Buy CHILDREN 01 November 18:00, Fri CHILDREN Kyiv, Bingo from 9.97 EUR CHILDREN Don't wish 01 November CHILDREN Bingo Buy Attila 07 November 20:00, Thu Attila Kyiv, Bingo from 23.33 EUR Attila Don't wish 07 November Attila Bingo Buy JINJER. Presentation of the new album 08 November 20:00, Fri JINJER. Presentation of the new album Kyiv, Bingo from 13.33 EUR JINJER. Presentation of the new album Don't wish 08 November JINJER. Presentation of the new album Bingo Buy WILDWAYS 5 YEARS WILD! 23 November 19:00, Sat WILDWAYS 5 YEARS WILD! Kyiv, Bingo from 11.67 EUR WILDWAYS 5 YEARS WILD! Don't wish 23 November WILDWAYS 5 YEARS WILD! Bingo Buy OUTSIDER fest 30 November 17:00, Sat OUTSIDER fest Kyiv, Bingo from 5 EUR OUTSIDER fest Don't wish 30 November OUTSIDER fest Bingo Buy Combichrist 01 December 19:00, Sun Combichrist Kyiv, Bingo from 21.67 EUR Combichrist Don't wish 01 December Combichrist Bingo Buy Pornofilmy 02 February 19:00, Sun Pornofilmy Kyiv, Bingo from 15 EUR Pornofilmy Don't wish 02 February Pornofilmy Bingo Buy Space of Variations 08 February 19:00, Sat Space of Variations Kyiv, Bingo from 8.33 EUR Space of Variations Don't wish 08 February Space of Variations Bingo Buy