Национальный Цирк Украины: schedule and tickets


Национальный Цирк Украины - photo #1 Національний цирк України
Национальный Цирк Украины - photo #2 Національний цирк України афіша
Национальный Цирк Украины - photo #3 Національний цирк України квитки
Национальный Цирк Украины - photo #4 Національний цирк України на concert.ua

Once upon a time we came to the Kyiv circus with our parents. And these shows were unforgettable for us! Now we bring our children to this circus – the National Circus of Ukraine on ploshcha Peremohy Square, 2 (opposite the shopping center “Ukraine”).

Seats are located around the circus arena, which allows you to fully plunge into the show atmosphere without missing any detail. Real miracles happen under the dome:

  • gymnasts flights;
  • skillful acrobats tricks;
  • performances of brave equilibrists;
  • funny clowns and nimble jugglers;
  • extreme driving motorcyclists;
  • magicians, illusionists and mimes;
  • fire and ice shows.

Professional artists, beautiful costumes and scenery, breathtaking lighting installations - that’s all about circus! The performances are accompanied by a live orchestra, and each new show is unique: the program is regularly updated.

And no matter what – any new show just could not replace the good old Central Circus with cotton candy in the buffet. Children will receive many cool emotions here, and parents will have a rest from workdays.

Watch the circus schedule and buy tickets for upcoming shows in advance. The date and time of the events, the scheme of seats in the hall and the price - find all information on the Concert.ua. Need help? Just call or write to our help center.

And remember! Sold out is a common thing for the long-awaited circus shows! Especially for the New Year and Christmas shows during winter holidays. Everyone wants to get sweet gifts and get to the Christmas show!

Magic is so close. Come and see with the whole family!

See you at the circus in Kyiv!

Kyiv, Пл. Победы, 2