Dali night club, Events and tickets

Dali night club - a new entertainment complex of the capital. In the beginning, the first part of the establishment was opened - the karaoke restaurant Dali Park Kiev. Less than a week, as it joined and the final piece of the complex - a nightclub.

The restaurant invites actively to its walls, along with offering other entertainments. To create the Dali Park was used a successful area - a piece of the park, surrounded by a dense crown of trees. The restaurant is divided into two unequal parts: the big one took on the sea theme. More hidden from human eyes, the hall became a real find and a misfortune for water inhabitants. A large aquarium is the main decoration and the "showcase" of the future dish, because any of its inhabitants can be in someone's dish. The second part of the restaurant is created in the form of an open terrace, from where you can calmly watch the fountain and wonderful nature. Nightclub Dali Park Kiev attracts less attention flow, but also remains successful and important in the life of the whole complex. His main goal is not only the holding of discos or any thematic parties. It will be a good choice for fashion shows, presentations and all sorts of concerts - a more universal spectrum than regular clubs. Nightclub Dali Park Kiev set initially high in front of him and made the most favorable conditions for this.

A large space is ready for use in a variety of ways. Modern technologies allow holding various events in the premises of the institution and organizing many creative projects. Concerts of stars of different sizes and parties, where the world DJ's will light, fashion shows of new collections and master-classes of gurus are just a small part of what can be held in Dali Park. See the poster of all events Dali night club only at concert.ua.

Kyiv, Parkova road, 16