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March 28, 2003 in a building in which the Odessa cinema "Druzhba" used to be, the unique theater named "The Clown House" opened its doors. So the new cultural center was named by its creators - comic-troupe "Masks".

In honor of this event, well-known comedians made another gift to the inhabitants of Odessa, presenting Boris Barskiy's poetic comedy "Othello", which Georgy Deliyev put to the audience. This production set the tradition of annual premieres, which included not only performances, but also the poetic evening of Boris Barsky, as well as numerous acting skits. Not infrequently, other humorous and dance groups became participants in the performances.

No less unique is the art-cafe "Restaurant Mana-Mana", which appeared in the premises of the Clown House two years after its opening. In creating the interior of the café, the troupe's artists took an active part. And this is not surprising, since many of them are architects for the first education. At the same time, the cafe, offering its visitors excellent cuisine, surprises with incredible creative parties, as well as children's matinees.


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