Fabrika.space: schedule and tickets

Fabrika.space is an unusual place for recreation and entertainment, located in the center of Kharkiv on the st. Blagoveshchenskaya, 1.

The institution combines a concert area, a bar and comfortable coworking. The Kharkiv factory “Fabrika.space” is positioning itself as a hub for attracting ideas, minds and great relaxation. This is one of the best places for business meetings and entertainment for a large company.

The spacious area of the hall allows you to work privately in coworking, while a concert takes place in the next event hall. On the summer terrace you can enjoy the picturesque views of Kharkiv. The event zone consists of three halls designed for a different number of places:

  • 50;
  • 150;
  • 500.

Turning the abandoned factory building into a zone for a pleasant and productive time, “Fabrika.space” attracted many representatives of IT and businessmen from Kharkiv. In addition, large-scale performances of artists and small chamber concerts are regularly held here.

Initially, “Fabrika.space” was conceived as a location for the Kharkov IT community. Now, the institution has gained universal popularity. Therefore, along with workshops and lectures, events are held here that are interesting to avid party-goers and festivalgoers. More than 20 events take place weekly in the “Fabrika.space” building.

Are you planning to attend a show or a seminar in “Fabrika.space” in Kharkiv? Follow the poster on the Concert.ua website and order tickets online and with delivery.

Kharkiv, st. Blagoveshchenskaya, 1